Saturday, November 12, 2016

Bullies v the Silent Majority

As #TrumpTrauma continues to fascinate the nation, the following true story, posted today by a friend of mine shows what is wrong in the US today and why Trump won this election. It is a sad story.

The day after the election my oldest son, Baker, asked my wife if a friend of his, a Muslim girl, would have to be deported now that Trump was elected. Lauren explained to him that we should always stand up and protect others, especially those in the minority, and that she would not be deported.  
Yesterday at an after-school Student Council meeting, while discussing an upcoming social event in December. Baker referred to it as a “Christmas party”. This same girl took offense and asked him not to call it a Christmas party. He apologized. Moments later he slipped up and called it a Christmas party again. In anger, she jumped up and pulled his hair. In pain and embarrassed in front of his classmates, he left and he hid out the rest of the meeting in the bathroom. 
I was touched that Baker had such concern for his friend. Baker is one of the most caring and least bigoted kids I know, much more so than I was at his age.  
I was sad that he got attacked for what really was just an accident. He would never intentionally offend anyone. I was sad that this girl didn’t know that just two days before Baker was concerned that her family might have to leave the country.  
I am also really sad for this young girl. I wondered what she must have been feeling the past few days. Threatened? Afraid? Or what she may have experienced from other classmates that might have set her on edge to lash out.  
Two innocent kids that have been friends that have been set at odds due to the society and happenings all around them that they have nothing to do with. This makes me sad. I hope that we can heal as a Nation soon.

For quite some time now, Christians in the US have been being assaulted by the twin bullies of Islam and Atheism.  They have been fierce, abusive and even violent in their assertions that we should shut up and hide in the bathroom when our views differ from theirs.  They have been demanding that we relinquish our rights because they are offended.

I believe that Trump got elected because he appealed to the silent majority, who were tired of being silent anymore.  He gave them a voice that said, "stop walking on me."

I admire the good Christian values this boy demonstrated.  His parents have taught him well.  I hope they also teach him how to deal with bullies.

By the way, I don't mean punching the girl.  Violence in the face of bullying and oppression is the course of last resort.

First is an appeal to the offender.  Asking reasonably that they apologize for their violence and intolerance and that they demonstrate mutual respect, not just one-way respect.

If that fails, then an appeal to legitimate, formal authority for redress of the wrongs you have suffered.  If the authority fails to redress your wrongs, or joins in the abuse, then there is only one course left.

When the appeal to the better nature of the bully fails and the recognized authority either declines to intervene or joins with the bullies, that is when a violent response is justified.  Not right then, but the next time the bully tries to beat you down.  Then, you are justified to counterpunch and knock him or her down and tell them, "this far and no further." 

God expects us to follow the rules.  He also gives us the right to defend ourselves when those who are set in authority to enforce the rules are unable or unwilling to preserve our rights and keep us safe in our persons and possessions.

For the past several years, and with increasing frequency and furor during the Obama Presidency, the silent majority of Christian Americans (black, white, brown and red) have been being bullied by the Atheists and Muslims.  We are being told we must be silent in our beliefs, while only they are allowed to speak freely.  We are being told that we should not only not be heard, but we should not be seen.

If the Jews remember the rise of Hitler, they should be deeply afraid of this trend.  They were on the receiving end of the National Socialists (NAZIs) push to replace all religion with the worship of the state and its leader.  If the Christians are being actively persecuted and bullied by Muslims and Atheists in this country, can the Jews be far behind?  And what of the Hindus and Buddhists? 

Once the Christian bulwark of tolerance and civility is destroyed in this country, the many religions and races who have sheltered behind it will be swept away and only one religion will be tolerated - the worship of the state, and its leaders.

The election of Donald Trump as President of the United States is the second step of ordinary Americans, the silent majority, dealing with bullies.

First, we appealed to the better nature of these bullies.  As with most bullies, they assumed our peaceful response was a sign of weakness.  That just emboldened them to further outrages upon us.

When they failed to behave in a civil and tolerant manner, being as respectful of our rights as we have been of theirs, we looked for intervention by the legitimate authorities.  What we found at the highest levels of our government was a President and an administration that was hostile toward the rights and beliefs of the silent majority and unwilling to take appropriate measures to protect our rights as well as those of others.

Seeing the unwillingness of our leaders to stand for justice, the silent majority took the next step.  We sought out a candidate who appeared to give voice to our fears and frustrations.  The obvious danger from demagogues at this point should be clear to all students of history.  It remains to be seen if Trump will be a demagogue, or if he will stand in the breach of the wall of Christian tolerance which has been blasted by Atheists and Muslims, and mete out both liberty and justice for all, or not.  That is what the silent majority are hoping for, is liberty and justice for all, not just for the favorites, or the bullies.

But, be warned, the silent, tolerant majority have spoken in this election.  They have said clearly that what has gone on before will not be tolerated anymore.  If the bullies of Islam and Atheism don't behave as civilized people should and exhibit the respect they ask for, and government doesn't protect the rights of the majority as well as it does the minority, the next step, a fist to the nose of the bullies, is a place which has not been seen in this country since the American Revolution.  And it won't be pretty.

I never want to see that day.  It is my hope and prayer that the Atheist and Muslim bullies will be fearful enough of the results of this election that they will correct their behaviors and embrace the norms of civil society where we can disagree without being disagreeable, and where they don't expect their rights to be exercised at the expense of the rights of others.

The silent majority of Americans have spoken.  Will you hear it.  Will you heed it?  Or will you instead respond with violence in another attempt to get what you want by bullying others?  Beware of picking a fight you cannot ever win.  Just because the majority are usually silent and patient, does not mean they will always remain so.

"Beware the fury of a patient man."  
John Dryden

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