Friday, September 4, 2015

Back to School: Kill the Department of Education

Government Education – Many people do not realize that the takeover, makeover, and destruction of the locally controlled public school system has been an agenda item of Communists, Socialists, Fascists and other Liberal-Progressives at least since the days of President Woodrow Wilson. 

As the President of Princeton University, Wilson said, “Our problem is not merely to help the students to adjust themselves to world life…[but] to make them as unlike their fathers as we can.” 

The objective of these people is to brain-wash our children to think they way these elitists want them to think. To make this happen, they have steadily destroyed the concept and application of community-controlled schools and curricula, substituting centralized control over content and execution. In response, may have adopted home-schooling, a right which I defend. 

However, I believe that rejecting the “benefits” of centralized control and returning control of schools to local communities will result in students who learn how to think critically and how to read and write and do math, and will stem the tide of illiterate high-school graduates who think about things the way the state wants them to think.

Never forget that one of the primary ways masters have always kept control of their slaves is to limit the content and opportunity for education. The centralized control of the administration, curricula and funding of our public schools is a primary tool of those who do not want individual families and communities to pass on to our children our own values. They would rather teach our children what they want them to know and to believe.

1. Return control of schools to local communities. School boards should exist for each local community with the appropriate powers for raising funds, establishing curricula, hiring and firing of administrators and teachers, etc. These local boards should act under the supervision and authority of local elected officials such as Mayors, Town Councils, etc. The County Board of Education should be limited in its authority to schools that are not under any locally elected government oversight and should derive its authority from the County Commission. This will make local school management responsive to the needs, desires, and abilities of the local community.
2. Mandates from the State Board of Education and the Federal Department of Education should be resisted as a matter of course as unconstitutional usurpation of the rights of the citizens. The Constitution does not grant the right to management of education to the Federal Government, therefore the state and county have no basis in law for compliance with mandates from the Department of Education. If the State Constitution does not explicitly grant the State the right to manage education at the county and municipal level, then it too should be routinely rejected.

Mark Levin notes that some things should be added to the curricula:

“Encourage the creation of curricula that will educate young people about the intergenerational trap the [Welfare-State] has laid for them – which will steal their liberty, labor, opportunities, and wealth – thereby building a future electoral force for whom the elixir of entitlements is understood as poisonous snake oil.”
I agree and I propose further that we should:

3. Eliminate from curricula teachings designed to promote politically motivated concepts that are not based on the appropriate application of the scientific method. These politically motivated concepts include “global warming” and “man-made-climate-change.” Until a scientific theory has been demonstrated to be based on rigorous application of the scientific method, it should be taught in colleges as theory, rather than in elementary and secondary schools as fact.

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