Saturday, October 17, 2015

Throw the Rascals Out - How and When?

These people do spend way too much time as professional politicians. We need to return the having citizen legislators.  People who go to DC to serve the people, not to feed at the public trough for decades.  Spending years in DC they get totally out of touch with the realities of life in America.  That is part of the reason they do so many stupid things and enact such dopey laws.

We don't really need term limits on Congress.  Aside from being almost impossible to get enacted, they aren't necessary if we do a few simple things:

1) Eliminate, immediately and retroactively any and all retirement plans for Federally elected officials.  Instead, the only retirement plan they get is Social Security.

2) Eliminate immediately any employer provided health plans for Federally elected officials.  Instead, they have to buy health plans on the open market, and use their own paychecks to buy it.  No more Rolls Royce Health Plans for these guys.  Make them live with ObamaCare too.

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