Thursday, June 23, 2016

Dems Sit-in to Bully for Gun Control

So today, the Wall Street Journal has a front page picture of Democrats staging a sit-in on the floor of Congress in order to force a vote on gun control legislation.

Ostensibly, their agenda is to pass legislation that will prevent suspected terrorists from buying guns.

While that sounds like a noble idea, as I pointed out the other day in my Pulse Frame Up article, the noble title of their effort is actually simply a way to frame a discussion that is, in reality, a very bad idea.

The Dems say, "don't let suspected terrorists buy guns."  That sounds pretty reasonable.  But, if they put their cause in practical, realistic terms, what they are really saying is, "deny constitutional rights to people who we suspect might someday commit a crime."

Of course, that doesn't make a good sound bite and it certainly doesn't wrap their unconstitutional desires in the flag and mom and apple pie.  Instead, it reveals it for what it truly is, another attempt to put power in the hands of federal bureaucrats and take issue of guilt and innocence out of the courts.

It is past time for people to look past the hot button headlines and think about the underlying meaning behind the laws that are being pushed by "progressives" of all political parties.  If we don't we will end up saluting the functional equivalent of the Nazi Swastika as jack-booted liberal fascist empowered bureaucrats walk all over our rights and our selves.

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